Arbor Green Apartments

Site Entrance

Birdeye View

Site Center

Site Center

Night View of Prairie Boardwalk

Community Center / Pool House & Pool

Pool house / Community Building Interior

Pool house / Community Building Interior

Typical Unit Interior

Typical Unit Interior


Arbor Green is a 347 apartment development on 13 acres seeking
LEED Certification in South Elgin, Illinois.


Arbor Green Apartments is planned to be built on a vacant parcel that was previously used as a golf driving range. Sorce Architecture was hired not only to provide design services, but also to act as a sustainability consultant and to help the property developer apply for, and receive, approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission to establish the property for a Planned Residential Development.

The sustainability of the development, particularly its commitment to achieving LEED Certification, played a key role in securing the Village’s approval for the development. Sorce Architecture worked closely with the Village’s Zoning staff to maximize density on the site, thus providing more apartment units per acre. This was achieved by using a site planning strategy called Cluster Development, by which, the buildings on the site were grouped together in order to use the extra land as open/recreation spaces.

Clustering worked well on this site to meet the needs the Village, the developer, and the future residents of the site. Our plan meet the Village’s parking and open space requirements, while still meeting the developer’s need for a high density development. The open space created by the clusters allowed for a large pool, community building, basketball court, and prairie boardwalk. The openness of the site allows for walking paths around and through the site, which also connect to the businesses along the Randall Road Commercial Corridor.


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